"No Impact Man" Colin Beavan and Lazy Environmentalist Josh Dorfman both rode it last year — which made me want to ride the Brita Climate Ride, conveniently happening in California this year. I learned about the West Coast ride early because I also blog for FilterForGood, a title sponsor for the event — and got all psyched up about cycling like a pro.

Unfortunately, being a lazy environmentalist myself, I’m really a cruiser, not a racer. I’ve been happily pedaling around my flat Santa Monica neighborhood in my pink townie, but I’ve yet to buy a racing bike — much less train for a rigorous 300+ mile ride. That means I will not be one of the lucky 250 cyclists on the Brita Climate Ride two-wheeling it from Eureka, Calif., to San Francisco from Sept. 21–25 this year.

But if you’re a competitive and fit enviro-cyclist, sign up for the Brita Climate Ride California 2010. Described as an eco-fundraiser and “climate conference on wheels,” this ride will let you raise money for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Green America, and 1Sky — while showing that bikes are an eco-friendly, convenient way to get around and that athletic events need not be riddled with disposable bottled water waste. All cyclists will be supplied with reusable bike water bottles!

Yes, you’ll need to really make a commitment — not just to training to ride such a long distance, but also to raising at least $2,400 for eco-causes. But nothing pedaled, nothing gained. For your hard work, you’ll get to forge friendships with fellow enviro-minded cyclists, enjoy gorgeous scenery, and hear expert speakers, to be announced in July. Thanks for riding!

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Note: This article says you need to raise $2,400 by May 1; the actual deadline to raise the funds is Sept. 15.

Brita Climate Ride comes to California
Cycle through the beautiful Californian outdoors while raising money for environmental causes this September.