Princess Leia is back — and this time she can thank Jenny Craig instead of Luke Skywalker for the rescue. 

The novelist, screenwriter, and former "Star Wars" star showed off her stunning new frame while appearing on NBC's "Today" show. Fisher, 54, credited the dramatic change to her participation in the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, for which she's a celebrity spokesperson. Over nine months, she lost more than 50 pounds — joking that her goal was to once again fit into the iconic metal bikini she wore for 1983 film, "Return of the Jedi."

"I want to get into the metal bikini and just walk around the house like an idiot," she told Ann Curry. "Answer the doorbell: 'What is it? This old thing?' ... I'll come out with a line of metal bikinis for women over 40. If you want dignity, you wear metal bikinis over (age) 40."

Fisher added that she knew it was time for a change when she caught herself avoiding her own reflection. "The spark was that I weighed three million pounds," she said. "I couldn't look in the mirror. I thought that was getting old. It turns out it was mostly getting fat."

According to a release, a Jenny Craig consultant helped craft a program around the busy actress' life, "incorporating a nutritional menu, physical activity plan and motivational techniques designed to explore the behavioral reasons behind her weight gain in order to achieve a long-lasting healthy lifestyle." 

Naturally, Jenny Craig's CEO was thrilled. "We applaud and congratulate Carrie for not only achieving her weight loss goals with Jenny Craig, but also for finding her confidence again," said Dana Fiser. "She truly is an inspiration to women and men everywhere, showing them that it is possible to finally gain control of their weight issues with healthy, maintainable lifestyle changes."

A commercial promoting the program and detailing Fisher's weight loss will start airing nationally next week. Check out her appearance on the "Today" show below. 

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Carrie Fisher's stunning 50-pound weight loss
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