Rapper Cee-Lo Green may have had a breakout year thanks to his runaway hit song "F*** You", but he wants to make sure he's around to enjoy all those that follow.

The musician and Gnarls Barkley star revealed to The Sun newspaper that he plans to bid adieu to meat in 2011 to better his health and future with his family.

“I think I’m gonna stop eating meat. Eating is probably my only vice. I love great food and I love to eat. So I’d like to see myself comitted to that correction.”

Green then added, “But it’s definitely about being healthy. That’s become a bit of a concern recently for me. I just want to be healthy now.”

Becoming a grandfather at the age of only 35 may have something to do with it. On the "Chelsea Lately" show last week, the singer revealed that his step-daughter just gave birth to a baby boy.

Green is also up for five Grammy awards this year; including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

"To be recognized at all it's very affectionate, especially from your peers," he told MTV. "It's all of the incentive anyone would need to continue on and even if not the acknowledgement then and there, the inspiration to continue it's enough motivation. I appreciate it."

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Cee-Lo Green going vegetarian in 2011
"F--k You" artist says he wants to get healthy for his family.