As this new PSA from the One Campaign proves, sometimes the most powerful message is simple silence. 

The organization recruited celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Will Ferrell and Ellie Goulding to stare into the camera without saying a word — haunting imagery meant to highlight a lack of international action on the unfolding Ebola crisis

"Ebola is devastating parts of West Africa. And every day we continue to wait—for funding to reach the ground, for nurses and doctors to be deployed, for the shattered medical services to be rebuilt—more people die. Tell world leaders it's time to act," the organization states on its website

Since this strain of Ebola first emerged last December, more than 14,000 cases have been reported with more than 5,000 deaths. The crisis has impacted the most people in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. While plenty of countries have pledged to assist health workers on the ground, organizations like One say that not enough of that money and equipment is actually making it into the regions that need it the most. To hold countries accountable to their pledges, One has setup an "Ebola Response Tracker" website

"As Ebola cases continue to rise, no one should feel off the hook," the site states. "Fighting Ebola is a race against time: the sooner we have quality information, the sooner response teams and donors can deliver what is really needed to contain this disease."

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Celebs embrace the power of silence for new Ebola PSA
Matt Damon, Bono and Ben Affleck join many more in raising awareness on the lack of international action on the Ebola crisis in Africa.