It’s mid-Friday afternoon as I write this, and I haven’t showered since Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, lifestyle blogger Starre asked the question, “How often do you really need to shower?” on her blog. I thought about it. I took a look at my schedule for the week. Then I decided I was in the position to give it a try until Friday afternoon. I had one meeting on Wednesday morning to interview a cookbook author, but since that was day one of not showering, I didn’t think it would be a problem.

I figured out years ago that washing my thick, curly hair daily was actually doing more harm than good, so going without washing my hair since Tuesday (actually, I haven’t washed it since Monday) was no problem at all. 

My results? It’s been no big deal. I haven’t even re-applied deodorant since Tuesday morning, and I’m not driving anyone out of the house with unpleasant body odor. No one moved away from me in the bleacher’s at my son’s basketball game the other day. I honestly don’t think anyone has a clue.

What have a I done? I’ve washed my nether regions daily and changed underwear. I’ve washed my face since I wear makeup daily. I’ve brushed my teeth. That’s about it. No one in the house has even noticed.

One of the things I didn’t do over the past few days that I would normally do is exercise. I haven’t stopped exercising for the no-shower test. I’ve been in a cleaning/home improvement frenzy lately, and it’s kept me quite active. If I did my normal exercise routine, I would have probably needed to bathe before now.

But I am ready to bathe. It’s the weekend, and I have plans. I want to feel a bit fresher. I want to shave. But, now that I’ve given this a try, I have a feeling I’ll be skipping showers on days where I realize I really don’t need them.

I wonder if there will be any difference in my water bill. Save water. Save money. A little perk for mother earth; a little perk for me.

Are you an every day bather, or can you go a few days without minding?

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