3738903137 8efae94a43 m I’ve found a new favorite simple organic bar: Chocolada Walnut Pure Fruit & Nut Bar from Weil by Nature’s Path Organic.

This bar’s all choco-coconutty goodness. Like the simple organic bars I’ve written about before, Chocolada Walnut — and all of the five bars from Weil by Nature’s Path Organic — are made with a handful of organic, easy-to-recognize ingredients. For Chocolada Walnut, those are dates, almonds, dried unsweetened coconut, walnuts, cocoa and vanilla extract.

The other four flavors are pretty good, too, though Chocolada Walnut’s far and away my favorite — and interestingly, the one with the least sugar (17 grams per bar). None of the bars have added sugar; some just have a lot of sweet dried fruit, like the Chia Razz (28 grams of sugar perbar) which I found too sweet. If you eat raisins and dried dates by the handful, you’ll love that bar though — like Laura at iateapie does. The rest, Banana Manna, Pistachi-Oh, and Goji Moji, are somewhere in between.

All the bars are also vegan. Nature’s Path also makes some of my favorite cereals — and the family owned, eco-conscious company’s coming out with new cereal products too, which I’ll be trying out in the coming weeks.

Photo courtesy of Nature's Path