Just last week MNN brought you news that dark chocolate may be good for liver patients — but today comes bad news for chocoholics: Chocolate is linked to depression!

Don’t worry — the researchers at UC San Diego and UC Davis behind the study say it’s unlikely that chocolate causes depression. It seems more likely that people may be picking up chocolatey yummies as a pick me up when they’re feeling down. That said, the study also says the unhealthy ingredients like trans fats in the choco-concoction you’re eating could potentially worsen your mood.

What's a chocoholic to do in light of this study is not clear. Depressed people seem to eat more chocolate, but why they do so and what the full effects of their snacking habits are is unclear. Until we find out more, I’ll continue to enjoy chocolate in moderation — opting for fair trade, organic choco-indulgences free of trans fats, mercury, and high fructose corn syrup, of course.

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