Lazy tea drinkers with refined palates love tea pyramids: All the pure delicious taste of loose leaf teas, conveniently bagged in a biodegradable satchel that can be thrown into the composter. And for those who seek high quality herbal teas that not only smell and taste amazing but look beautiful too, Choice Organic Teas has an eco-luxe line of tea pyramids that don’t compromise on eco-ethics.

Called Whole Leaf Organics, this line of eight high-quality teas make up Choice’s choicest cups. My favorite: The Sweet Licorice Mint. This herbal tea combines peppermint and spearmint with sweet licorice to create a rich tea that’s both cool and calming. A sprinkle of cornflowers gives the tea pretty blue flecks too!

Choice Whole Leaf OrganicsChamomile Citrus tea

The Chamomile Citrus is also gorgeous to look at. Orange peel, lemon myrtle, and citrus flavor give this chamomile tea a light fruity kick — though I wish that kick were a tad stronger.

While the pure black and green teas like the English Breakfast and Jade Green make nice, crisp, and clean caffeinated brews, it’s the more flavorful teas that got my attention. The Jasmin Green tea’s a fragrant bouquet, the Lychee White a guilt-free rich fruit dessert.

All teas are organic and fair trade certified — including the herbal teas. Wondering how teas with no actual tea leaves could be certified fair trade? Choice gets its chamomile, spearmint, and hibiscus from fair trade farms too!

Introduced last year, these Whole Leaf Organic teas still seem to be getting some production kinks worked out. About a third of the tea pyramids I used were missing strings and tags. Obviously, this didn’t affect the delicious taste of the teas, but until these quality control issues are fixed, be sure to keep a spoon around to fish out your tea bag with.

Find Choice’s Whole Leaf Organics teas at a natural foods store near you, or shop Choice’s online store. A box of 15 individually-wrapped tea pyramids costs $6.49. Want to try all 8? Get a Whole Leaf Organics Sampler that includes one pyramid of each of the eight flavors for $4.75.

Bottom photo by Siel

Choice Organic Teas go eco-luxe
The pioneering fair trade company's new Whole Leaf Organics tea pyramids bring sustainable style to tea time.