The great Star Lord would like everyone to know he's in the best shape of his life - and he fully intends to keep it that way. 

Chris Pratt, who plays the loveable hero outlaw in the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" film, says it took overcoming both physical and mental obstacles to portray a comic book superhero. 

"When 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was pitched to me, I said, 'I don’t think so.' I just didn’t picture myself getting the role. I didn’t want to go and embarrass myself like I did when I auditioned for G.I. Joe a couple of years previously," he shared with Esquire. "I went in there, and halfway through I saw the director’s eyes just glaze over. It made sense — I was a little heavy and out of shape. I was not gonna play someone from G.I. Joe. I did not look like a G.I. Joe action figure come to life."

To overcome his G.I. Joe disappointment, Pratt hit the gym - losing an incredible 65 pounds and bulking up for roles in "Moneyball" and "Zero Dark Thirty."

"I have more energy. I sleep better. My sex drive is up. Blood's flowing," he added. "I'm less susceptible to impulse. I'm in a different mode."

For "Guardians," Pratt says he worked out five-days-a-week for eight months to look the part of Peter Quill/Star Lord. He told Men's Fitness that his clean diet maxed out at 4,000 daily calories - with lots of water. "I was peeing all day long, every day. That part was a nightmare," he said.

"I actually lost weight by eating more food, but eating the right food, eating healthy foods, and so when I was done with the movie my body hadn't been in starvation mode," He told PEOPLE. "It wasn't like I was triggered to just gorge myself and get really fat again."

Ther 35-year-old says that while he's no longer spending all his time in the gym, he full intends to keep his healthy lifestyle. 

"It's something that I think I can maintain because now I don't spend four hours in the gym each day," he says. "I do maybe one hour in the gym maybe four days a week, and that's it." 

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Chris Pratt says 'Guardians' diet completely changed his life
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