When the studio execs behind the upcoming Marvel film "Guardians of the Galaxy" approached Chris Pratt with the idea of giving him the lead role of Peter Quill (aka, "Star Lord") they had one big question: Could he drop the weight he had gained for a previous film and actually look the part of a superhero? Pratt jumped at the opportunity. 

"They set me up with a nutritionist, two personal trainers in LA that I worked with like it was my job," he told Bleeding Cool last year. "Four hours a day, at least, not including preparation and all the hours I spent not drinking. Becoming essentially sober was a full time job. I just had to eat right, drink a lot of water and take the right supplements.

"It’s been eight months that I’ve been working out. It’s been an evolution and the workout has changed every six weeks. I lost ten inches on my waist, 65 lbs or something like that."

Last summer, in a move that had the Internet talking, Pratt posted a photo of his new body saying, "Six months no beer. Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me.” When asked at Comic-Con what he thought of the reaction, Pratt said that, besides a bit of ribbing from friends, it was a mostly positive experience. 

"I haven’t always been fat but I have been fat for about the last eight years which is really fun and really great," he told Screenrant. "I love eating food and drinking beer and having fun with my life. But I was also kind of depressed a little bit when I was fat. I think there’s probably people out there that can agree and understand what that feels like. And I’ll them, ‘Hey, if you just bust your ass and get after it all it takes is about 6 months really.' 6 months flies by whether you’re working out every day or whether you’re not. So if you feel compelled to try to do something about it, take some action and get into shape, then do it."

Check out a trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy," hitting theaters August 1st, below:

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