Sure, organic vegan food can be pretty tasty — but what if you take sugar, soy and gluten out of the equation, too? That sounds like a bland recipe for disaster — especially for an ice cream — but Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss is actually all creamy deliciousness.

Of course, you do have to like coconut like I do. Somehow, Coconut Bliss has combined coconut milk — imported directly from an organic grower in Thailand — with organic agave nectar to create this yummy cold concoction. Plus, the vanilla, cocoa, dark chocolate and coffee in the ice creams are all fair trade!

The ingredients — all clearly listed on Coconut Bliss website — are strikingly simple organic items you'll recognize. The only Coconut Bliss flavor that contains any sugar is mint, which has a little sugar in the chocolate flakes. Compare that to Dreyer’s Rocky Road ice cream ingredients, which include lots and lots of sugar, plus partially hydrogenated soybean oil and corn syrup!

I discovered Coconut Bliss at my local co-op grocer, and now I’m hooked. Organic creamy goodness doesn’t come cheap, though. Retail price is $6.69 a pint at Whole Foods, though other health food and small grocers may have it for less.

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Coconut Bliss: Creamy vegan ice cream
Coconut Bliss combines coconut milk with organic agave nectar to create this yummy cold concoction.