Numi organic bottled Puerh teasIf you’re a fan of the organic, fair trade company Numi Organic Tea, you’ll be happy to know Numi’s got a new(ish) line of cooling concoctions for the summer: Organic bottled Puerh teas.

The fruity flavors of these tasty teas — Peach Nectar and Mango Passion — are my favorite, but these barely-sweetened organic teas also come in more traditional Earl Gray and Honey Lemon as well as Morrocan Mint and Magnolia Jasmine.

What’s Puerh, exactly? According to Numi, the tea leaves for these products come “from 500-year-old wild trees grown in China’s pristine Yunnan Mountains.” The leaves are then not oxidized, but instead put through a “unique fermentation process” — which ends up producing tea with 32% more antioxidants than the average green tea.

No, I couldn’t tell by drinking the tea if my body was benefiting from the extra antioxidants. I just enjoyed the refreshing elixirs’ real organic taste; the flavors come from real organic ingredients, not from artificial flavorings.

Unlike most other Numi products, the Puerh teas are not fair trade certified — though according to Jennifer Rudolf at Numi, fair trade standards are upheld to produce these teas. “Puerh tea is not currently under the FLO list of products, so no we cannot currently carry a Fair Trade Certified puerh tea,” says Jennifer. Numi Organic Tea’s also committed to sustainable packaging, which you can find out more about at TriplePundit.

Numi Organic Puerh tea costs $2.49 a bottle in stores and are also available by the case from Numi’s online shop. Prefer your tea hot? You can get boxed tea bags in 4 flavors: Chocolate Puerh and Emperor’s Puerh for black tea fans, or Magnolia Puerh and  Mint Puerh for green tea drinkers. A box of 16 tea bags costs $9.99.

Image courtesy of Numi