There is a new trend emerging in the world of kids' fitness and it's not dodge ball or jump rope or some super-sized game of tag. It's CrossFit. 

If you're not familiar CrossFit is an exercise regimen that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. It has attracted praise and criticism for its high-intensity workouts and hard-core approach to exercise. But that hasn't stopped devout Crossfitters from pouring into the 10,000 gyms, or “boxes,” worldwide. 

And now the world of CrossFit is coming to a preschool near you.

At first it may seem like an odd fit. One look at this highlight reel from the 2014 Reebok CrossFit games and you may be left scratching your head about how this could be a good fit for kids.

Keefa Earls, owner of CrossFit Iconz in Snellville, Georgia, says the CrossFit Kids' curriculum is different from the adult program. For starters, the focus is on fun above all else. So kids aren't pushed to go for more reps or more weights. In fact, says Earls, movements at this age are performed "unloaded," which means they are completed without weights. Earls emphasizes that for kids, it's not about burning fat and building muscle, it's about challenging coordination and balance.

Shane and Lee Ann Elison of Los Angeles, California, have noticed a big change in their son, Blair, since he started doing CrossFit. According to Shane, his 9-year-old's "focus, attention, and confidence have skyrocketed as a result of CrossFit." 

And Casey Markee of Ramona, California, thinks that his kids' participation in CrossFit has helped their performance in other sports. His daughter Kelsey, 10, and son Blake, 12, have been doing CrossFit for more than five years, and it's made a difference in their tennis and dressage abilities.

No CrossFit "box" in your town? You may still find the CrossFit Kids program popping up at your child's school or at your local community center. Sonja Sheasley's 11- and 8-year-old boys take CrossFit Kids classes as part of the P.E. curriculum at their Cape Cod, Massachusetts, school. 

Think CrossFit might be a good fit for your kids? Sound off in the comments below. 

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