Finally, dangerous pet products will get easier to spot — at least in California. Flea and tick collars that contain propoxur, a cancer-causing chemical, now must include a warning if they’re going to be sold in California.

That consumer warning label rule comes as a result of a settlement in a lawsuit brought by environmental nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Last year, NRDC warned pet owners that popular flea collars could be exposing the whole family to dangerous levels of poisons — and even asked people to visit local pet stores to see if they were carrying dangerous flea and tick products.

Now, thanks to the lawsuit settlement, NRDC can declare victory — albeit a partial victory. After all, the new rule affects only pet products containing propoxur in California. And even in California, these propoxur-containing pet products can still be sold — they simply have to include a warning on the back.

To keep your pets — and the humans who play with them — healthy and safe, consult NRDC’s pet product guide before hitting your favorite pet store. The guide ranks more than 125 flea and tick products by potential health risks.