In a rare public appearance since leaving office, former Vice President Dick Cheney showed up to support his former boss, George Bush, at a groundbreaking ceremony Monday for Bush's presidential library in Dallas. 

But you can't be faulted for not recognizing him. 

According to spokesman Peter Long, the former vice president lost 30 pounds during his hospital stay this summer following heart surgery. The Associated Press reports that the 69-year-old was hoping to keep the weight off for his health. 

And that cane Cheney was using? Long says Cheney occasionally needs it because of a high school knee injury from playing football.

Such a quick drop in weight reminds of me of the shock "Price is Right" viewers received when Drew Carey appeared in the season opener this fall. The comedian lost more than 80 pounds on a veggie and exercise diet since January — and said he's never felt better. 

Take a look at a slimmed-down Cheney giving a few jabs at President Obama in the video below.

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Dick Cheney's shocking weight loss
Former vice president makes a rare public appearance following heart surgery earlier this year.