Struggling with your weight? Maybe you need to watch less Walking Dead and more Dancing with the Stars. According to a new study, action films are more likely to make you pile on the pounds so it might just be worth changing that dial.

The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that people snacked more while watching action movies and shows than they did watching any other genre of programming.

For the study, researchers followed 94 students who were given bowls of chocolate, cookies, carrots or grapes while watching television.

Researchers found that participants consumed twice the amount of food by weight while watching the 2005 action movie, The Island, than they did when watching a show of one-to-one interviews. Participants also consumed 65 percent more calories during the action movie than the did the other program.

The difference was more pronounced in men than women.

Researchers think that the level of distraction involved in the action movie may be to blame for the overeating. The more interested and involved you are in a program, the more likely you are to eat without realizing what you are eating.

So keep it light and not very distracting if you want to avoid the snacks while you watch the tube. Or better yet, click the TV off and head out for a walk around the block!

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