Dwayne Johnson, on the media carousel to promote his new film "Hercules," showed up on "The Tonight Show" ready to talk about the movie and the workout routine that elevated him to the physicality of a demigod. When host Jimmy Fallon asked Johnson about how we got in such great shape, the 42-year-old had a surprising answer.

"It's actually a funny story - about a year ago, I found this old VHS tape in my basement and it had a bunch of clips from this fitness duo called 'The Fungo Brothers,'" he said.

"Oh I remember The Fungo Brothers," quipped Fallon. "They were really ahead of their time."

Calling on his "Computer," Fallon then launched clips of The Fungo Brothers (suspiciously looking like Johnson and Fallon) promoting Thigh Crunchers (aka Thigh Masters), a B&W exercise video for "The Twist," and finally everyone's favorite "The Jack Weight" (aka Shake Weight). It's not obvious as first, but in-between each clip, Fallon and Johnson race between costumes. As the skits continue, the pair become more disheveled and out-of-breath. It's hilarious - and yet another reminder of why Fallon was a perfect successor for Leno. 

Check out the videos below. 

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Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon workout as 'The Fungo Brothers'
Watch these two 'hustle for the muscle' to try and get America into shape.