Give a boost to your local economy while supporting clean water access around the world. All you have to do is eat out — and drink tap water — at a restaurant participating in UNICEF’s Tap Project during World Water Week.

Sometime between March 22 and March 28, log on to UNICEF’s Tap Project website and pick out a participating local restaurant. Then eat out — and pay $1 for the tap water you usually get free. Your money will go to UNICEF to help make clean tap water available to children around the world.

Find a participating restaurants by searching near your zip code. You'll find that many restaurants in your 'hood with an eco-friendly or socially progressive bent are participating — so you'll get to support a company you like while supporting the clean water cause.

And if you can, participate in a water walk! For some reason only NYC and Chicago’s walks are listed on the Tap Project website, but Los Angeles and other cities are joining in, too.

Image: Courtesy Tap Project