Want an easy way to discover the kind of meal plan you would need to lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight — and in just a couple of minutes? The website EatThisMuch.com is the oracle you've been waiting for to make the daily chore of matching calorie intake to healthy meals a less frustrating experience. 

The process is incredibly simple. Punch in the number of calories you wish to consume daily, the meals you think you have time for, your preferred diet (anything, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Adkins, etc.) and voila! A personalized daily food plan is constructed with recipes, nutrition breakdown, and a daily estimated cost. For those with allergies, the site also allows you to exclude certain ingredients for a more streamlined meal plan. 

The custom meal plans created by EatThisMuch.com offer recipes, costs, and nutrition information. (Photo: EatThisMuch)

"If you know exactly what you want for a given meal, our recurring foods option allows you to create lists for meals or groups of meals," the site further explains. "You can customize our suggested recipes or even enter your own and see them automatically added to your future plans. As you refine your settings, Eat This Much will get better and better at suggesting meals that work for you and will require less input over time."

What's the catch? In terms of giving you a quick glance at the types of food you should be eating for your particular diet, the free tool is fairly robust. For those wanting to take things a step further, the premium version of Eat This Much offers weekly emails with a full custom meal plan, grocery lists, a pantry tracker, and lots more. At only $7 per month, it's a good deal for anyone interested in taking the worry out of meal planning. 

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Eat This Much creates meal plans for your body, your schedule, your goals
Clever website factors in diet goals, body type and food preferences to create a weekly meal plan that makes sense.