Urban light pollution makes me sleep with an eye mask on at night. And after about a decade of near-nightly use, my old eye mask was really looking ragged. The blue silk fabric was coming apart at the seams and actually turning slightly yellowish!

So I decided to award my years-long dedication to reducing and reusing — by finally getting myself a greener eye mask. After surveying the eco-options out there, I settled on an organic cotton eye mask with a gorgeous flower print — handmade by one Laura Langley in New Hampshire and sold in her Etsy store, Doodlebugsfunfabrics.

The sleep mask’s all organic cotton — a deep red flower print on top, a very soft black organic sateen on the back, and two organic cotton interior layers that really block out all the light. At $20, I think the sleep mask was a real bargain — and I loved being able to buy directly from the green-minded crafter who personally made the mask!

Laura’s Doodlebugsfunfabrics offers many eco-friendly fabrics and designs to choose from, if you’d like an eye mask for yourself. Wondering what else is out there? Here are the other organic options I chose from:

Sweet organic dreams –
Eco-friendly sleep masks
City lights keeping you awake? Put on an eco-friendly sleep mask and get a darker, deeper night's sleep.