Happy Blue Monday, MNN readers! To cheer you up on the most depressing day of the year — statistically speaking — here's some happy-ish news of the day:

>> Life giving you too many lemons? Make organic marmalade — assuming you’ve got homegrown citrus. (via Craftzine)

>> Feeling cooped up due to the crazy weather? Try the plow pose at home, no energy-consuming gym equipment required. Tim Wu at Slate says he’s discovered yoga stretches make him feel amazing:

So perfect was the stretch that it led me to what can only be described as a kind of semiconscious trance. Afterward, the world seemed nicer, softer, and more colorful. It seemed that my blood had turned to wine. Nothing has been quite the same since.
Here’s the plow pose he raves about.

>> Working on MLK day like I am? Here’s some happy news for people who aren’t us: Working less can be more sustainable. In The Independent, Johann Hari argues that “We don’t need this culture of overwork” — and talks about how Utah state employees now work four 10-hour days a week. Employees loved the new arrangement and took fewer sick days — and air pollution and energy use decreased! “Some 17,000 tonnes of warming gases were kept out of the atmosphere.” (via Grist)

Still feeling blue? This New Yorker cartoon will diagnose what your problem is.

Eco-prescriptions for Blue Monday
Try these green living tips to bring yourself out of your Blue Monday funk.