If you watched “Food, Inc.” or read “Gristle,” you know the many downsides of factory farming — from food safety issues to human health problems to environmental pollution. Now comes a tool that will let you see just how close to home the problems of factory farming are. Factory Farm Map, an interactive web tool put together by environmental nonprofit Food and Water Watch, lets you know how much factory farming is happening in your county and state.

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I looked up the numbers for Los Angeles County and California. I think of my county as a largely urban area, but apparently, quite a lot of factory farming goes on in my ‘hood — enough to earn the county an orange “severe” label from Food and Water Watch.

You can also get charts and graphs illustrating each state and county’s stats. Find out the number of factory farmed animals and the average number of animals per site in your state — and see how your county’s numbers compare to those of neighbor counties.

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Another interesting finding I discovered from Factory Farm Map: Alaska has no factory farms! How does your state compare?

Factory farms get mapped
A new interactive map lets you see just how many factory farms are operating in your county.