Love chocolate syrup on your organic ice cream sundae — but don’t want the mercury and high fructose corn syrup in Hershey’s stuff? Thanks to the burgeoning fair trade and organic market, you actually have a few different options for organic, fair trade chocolate syrup!

Dagoba Organic Chocolate Syrup. Purists will complain that Dagoba got bought up by Hershey’s, whose mercury-laced chocolate syrup inspired this post in the first place. Still, as an individual product, this syrup’s organic, fair trade, and corn-syrup free.

Dagoba’s chocolate syrup’s a bit of a commitment — because you can only get it in huge 64 oz. plastic containers. Obviously, the product’s made more for cafes than individuals — though committed chocoholics could surely make their way through the big bottle. The syrup’s out of stock on Dagoba’s website, but Cafe Campesino’s selling it for $19.95.

CÈ Organic Chocolate Syrup. If you want chocolate syrup for your mocha, CÈ Organic Chocolate Syrup sounds like the most eco choice of the bunch. Both the sugar and the chocolate in this syrup’s organic and fair trade certified. Plus, anti-plastic environmentalists will be happy to know that the syrup comes in glass bottles.

Garden Gourmet Foods kettle cooks this syrup in small batches. Get one 12.7 oz bottle for $8.50 at The Meadow, or a 3-pack at Amazon for $16.91.

You can also make your own fair trade, organic chocolate syrup by following the Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe from Beth of Fake Plastic Fish. The extra effort will save you a few extra bucks — and eliminate new packaging!

Photos via The Meadow, Dagoba, and Fake Plastic Fish

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Fair trade, organic chocolate syrup
Pick from two organic and fair trade certified chocolate syrups — both free of high fructose corn syrup.