No, you don't have to wear spandex to bike, and cyclers everywhere from New York to Utah -- yes, Utah -- are dressing up to prove just that.

In Utah, a Cycle Style Show's planned for this Friday as part of the annual Bike Bonanza event during Utah Bike Month. The free event at the Gallivan Center will showcase good-looking bikes as well as bike-friendly fashions:

To counteract the myth that cyclists only wear spandex, several of our models will be wearing stylish street clothes that they might wear to go to work, to lunch, or to have fun with their family. We want to show that cycling is fun and easy, and also, how good people look on bikes!
Fashion conscious New Yorkers are also embracing stylish bicycling, as evidenced by The New York Times style section's article about "How City Bikers Look Sharp." The article comes complete with practical tips -- i.e. wear a white shirt under your outfit if you sweat a lot -- and a slideshow of the latest bike-friendly men's fashions.

I'll warn you: Most of these city fashions -- like the $1,860 Prada suit -- don't come cheap. The clothes and accessories also aren't particularly eco-friendly -- so eco-fashionable bike riders might want to just peruse the slideshow, then find more eco-conscious versions of the pieces at their fave green retailer.

Fashion forward bicycling
As bicycling hits the mainstream, bike-friendly fashions emerge to let two-wheelers travel in style.