Don’t you love it when huge food corporations don’t actually make their food healthy and sustainable but make token attention-getting green moves? A few of note:

Domino's Pizza greenwashes with GreenGraffiti

>> Domino’s Pizza cleans streets with GreenGraffiti. Greenwashing — literally! Basically, the pizza company’s using a high-pressure water sprayer to create its American Legends pizza ads in L.A., NYC, and Philadelphia — then sending out press releases touting its “environmentally-friendly and potentially controversial marketing campaign.”

>> Burger King’s installing electricity-producing speed bumps. Writes Lloyd Alter in Treehugger: “Where do I start? With the carbon footprint of drive-in restaurants, to the idling while waiting for the burger, to the carbon footprint of raising meat and making hamburgers? The installation of this at a burger joint is laughable. The energy it will generate is negligible, and it probably will take 20 years to recover the energy in it’s manufacture.”

>>McDonald’s is putting in an EV charging station at a restaurant. Now you can charge up your electric car greenly while eating a cheeseburger with a gigantic carbon footprint!

Now, for one fast-food restaurant that’s doing it right:

>> Chipotle’s sponsoring free screenings of Food, Inc., an eco-docu that basically points out the huge problems — ranging from environmental concerns to immigration issues — posed by all the fast-food companies named above. 

Fast food gets greenwashed
McDonald's, Burger King and Domino's Pizza take on token green projects but leave their carbon-intensive menus intact.