The trailer for the crime drama "The Gambler" is here — giving us our first glimpse at an uncharacteristically skinny Mark Wahlberg

The 43-year-old, coming off his action star role in "Transformers: Age of Extinction," immediately went on a medically supervised diet, dropping 60 pounds off his initial 197-pound frame. 

"Losing 60 pounds was not fun," he told USA Today. "I was never a happy guy being deprived of food. I like to eat six or seven meals a day. But we had to get rid of that stuff."

Despite the constant hunger (Wahlberg earlier mentioned how just the smell of food would drive him crazy), the opportunity to tackle such a role made the whole experience exhilarating. 

"My character is in every scene, but during the 12-hour days over six months I was on fire," he says. "You prepare your whole life for a part like this. I was living on adrenaline."

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First 'Gambler' trailer shows off Mark Wahlberg's 60-pound transformation
Actor says he lost the weight on a medically supervised liquid diet — going from 197 to 137 pounds.