Have I ever mentioned that I have run a few marathons in the past? And that over the summer, I competed in two back-to-back triathlons over the course of one weekend? Well, I have. And I used to think that was pretty cool — that is until about five minutes ago, when I learned about Joe Salter and realized that everything I have done up until this point has been pretty wimpy on the toughness scale.

What's so special about Joe Salter? Well for starters, the 32-year-old just completed the Quad-Cities Marathon in Illinois. Backward. While juggling.

Yes, you read that right. While most folks think it is an incredible accomplishment to complete a marathon facing forward, juggling nothing but their own mental demons, Salter completed the same event juggling three balls and running backwards. And to top it all off, he finished in the respectable time of 5 hours and 51 minutes.

Salter is no stranger to juggling triumphs. His past accomplishments include backstroking a half-mile in the Gulf of Mexico while juggling and juggling for 16.2 miles on a bike. He also holds the world records for the fastest time to run a mile backward while juggling (7 minutes, 32 seconds) and fastest juggling triathlon (1 hour, 57 minutes.)  

For his recent marathon, Salter had his heart set on a Guinness World Record — hence the challenge to run the entire Quad-Cities Marathon, in Illinois, backward, while juggling. Unfortunately, Salter may not be able to use this race to qualify for the record as Guinness rules are very strict and for Joe’s marathon to qualify, the entire race had to be recorded — something that was impossible as videotaping is prohibited along several miles of the course that run through the Rock Island Arsenal.

Here's some of the footage he did get:

And if you're curious to know what that juggling triathlon looked like, check out this fun video:

So, what's next for this juggling, marathoning, triathloning phenom?

According to his Facebook page, Joe Salter Motivational Juggling: "Rest and junk food."

I'd say you've earned it, Joe!

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