When the cameras stopped rolling on the popular television series "Full House" back in 1995, Candace Cameron Bure admits life got a bit difficult.

In a new memoir, "Reshaping It All", the actress — who played the big-haired older sister D.J Tanner on the show — says she struggled with bulimia for many years.

"It's a very dangerous cycle that can just start to consume your life and really take over," Bure told People magazine of her struggle with the disease. "It wasn't about me trying to lose weight. It was all about emotions."

Now 34, Cameron says that she's in the best shape of her life thanks to a pro-athlete husband (NHL player Valeri Bure), three active kids, and lessons learned from her eating struggles. She is currently a star on the ABC Family series "Make It or Break It."

Look for "Reshaping It All" to hit shelves in January.

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'Full House' star Candace Cameron Bure admits eating disorder
Actress reveals her struggles with Bulimia in the wake of popular television series.