Officials in Georgia have decided to take a strong stance against childhood obesity in their state. Their new motto, "Don't Sugarcoat It, Georgia," gives a good indication of the new approach.


"We felt like we needed a very arresting, abrupt campaign that said: 'Hey, Georgia! Wake up. This is a problem,' " Linda Matzigkeit, a senior vice president at Children's Healthcare, a co-sponsor of the new campaign, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


The hallmark of Georgia's new anti-childhood-obesity campaign is a series of public service announcements featuring overweight children who describe how their weight has negatively affected their lives. Health issues, kids picking on them, low-self-esteem — it's all out there in black and white.


There are five ads total, each featuring five different overweight children. They are part of a $50 million campaign in Georgia to combat the state's skyrocketing level of childhood obesity and the nation's second-worse obesity rate behind Mississippi.


"Ignoring this problem is what got us here," Strong4Life says on its website. "It's time to wake up." 


What do you think of Georgia's new ads? Are they on-target or overly harsh?


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