It’s true — Fair trade chocolate does cost more than the conventional cheapie stuff. And while I do try to point out that 1) fair trade chocos are often of higher, gourmet quality, and that 2) conventional choco prices are artificially low due to use of slave-like labor, it’s tough to change the thinking — let alone the habits — of a crowd used to the 3 Snickers bars for 99 cents deals.

So I’m thinking maybe freebies’ll sweeten the deal. Here are two eco options that’ll reward you with chocolatey goodness:

>> Get a free tin of chocolate-covered cacao by spending $20 at District Cotton, an eco fair trade store. The Valentine’s Day-friendly “I Heart” organic cotton T-shirt costs exactly $20 to score you the choco deal. If you want his and hers shirts, some Ts are on sale for just $9 — So you can get 2 organic cotton Ts AND the tin of choco for just $20. The choco comes from sweetriot, a new socially-conscious company that’s working on its fair trade certification.

>> Win $40 of fair trade goodies by getting teachers to participate in the National Valentine’s Day of Action. Send on Global Exchange’s email urging educators to download a fair trade cocoa curriculum. When those teachers start their download, they can put your name into a drawing for a fair trade gift. If you’re an educator yourself, you can win a $75 fair trade prize.

Check out Global Exchange’s fair trade store for other affordable yummy socio-eco-ethical Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Images: Courtesy Global Exchange and District Cotton