Giuliana Rancic was back on NBC's "Today" show this morning to update viewers on her battle with breast cancer and announce that she's preparing to undergo a double mastectomy. 


"At the end, to be honest, all it came down to was just choosing to live, and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life," Rancic told Ann Curry. 


The 36-year-old "E! News" host, who announced her cancer diagnosis in late October, said that an earlier double-lumpectomy failed to achieve the desired results. Choosing to have the double mastectomy was not only made for her own well-being, but also as a way to keep alive her dream of becoming a mother. 


"If I'd chosen to just do another lumpectomy and then do radiation, and then do anti-estrogen therapy, which means two to five years of medication, that basically puts me into early menopause," Rancic said. "Then I would have to put off having a baby for several years. So that was something we took into account. But to be honest, at the end it came down to choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life."


According to the doctors who Rancic consulted with, there is a less than 1 percent chance the breast cancer will return with a double mastectomy. If she were to try for a double lumpectomy again, there was a 20-40 percent chance of the cancer returning in her lifetime. 


While Giuliana said the decision was extremely difficult, she credited her husband Bill (who rose to fame after winning the first season of "The Apprentice") with helping to guide her towards the best path of treatment.


"Bill said to me, 'I just need you around for the next 50 years, kid,'" she said. "'I don't care what you look like, I don't care about the physical portion of this, I just need you around for the next 50 years, so let's just get you healthy.' And that helped me come to a decision."


You can check out the interview from "Today" below. 


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Giuliana Rancic to undergo double mastectomy in breast cancer fight
'E! News' host makes the difficult decision after earlier treatments failed to clear the cancer from her body.