When I was growing up, my grandmother was constantly nagging me to sit or stand up straight, but this is 2013, so forget grandma's voice, now there's an app for that (of course)! Lumoback is a wearable device that connects to an application; the software and hardware together work to improve your posture, which as we all know can make us look more confident, slimmer, and is certainly better for the health of our backs. 

It works when you don an around-the-waist sensor that sends data to the application. When you are slouching, the waist band gently buzzes you to remind you to sit up straight (kind of like grandma's voice, but nobody at the office will think you are crazy or weird-bonus!). 

"Lumo" as the company affectionately calls itself, records more than just posture; it also keeps track of how much you sit, stand, and move, and how much distance you cover running (and even what positions you sleep in) and compares the data over time to show how you are (hopefully) improving your health and habits. 

It's kind of like an exercise/movement-tracking band, a sleep app, and a posture improvement system all in one. 

According to the Lumoback site, we should all care about avoiding the slouch: "Physically, good posture is a major element of preventative care, helping you avoid back pain as you age. Studies have shown that poor posture may be associated with headaches, muscular pain, and depression. Slouching restricts your diaphragm’s ability to expand, resulting in shallow breathing , which can contribute to respiratory issues. Good posture allows you to breathe deeply, which in turn improves your circulation, energy, and alertness."

Would you use one of these devices? I would, but I wonder if it would do as much good as I would like to believe it would. 

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