Girl Scout Thin Mints will be topped with eco-advice this spring, at least in northern California. Thanks to a new program called Cool the Community, more than 1,300 girl scouts in 100+ troops in the Bay Area are toting both cookies and coupons -- energy-saving coupons with eco-tips and pledges, that is.

The environmental education initiative's a collaborative project between Girl Scouts Northern CA and Cool the Earth, a nonprofit that promotes environmental education through kids. Scouts learn about environmental issues and activism over four meetings which include carbon footprint calculation and a "fun footprint art project." Then the girls take the eco-message to their neighborhoods. For their eco-evangelizing, scouts can earn a climate change patch and Cool the Earth trading cards.

The Cool the Community program's only in NoCal right now, but Marina Park, CEO of Girl Scouts of Northern California, says she hopes this pilot program will become a national model for all girl scouts. Want to get your local troop signed up? Enroll on Cool the Earth's website.

Now, if we could only get organic Thin Mints --

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Green girl scouts
Girl scouts in northern California are giving out eco-coupons to educate their community about environmental issues.