Earlier last week, Al Roker and Matt Lauer had prostate screenings on live television as part of "The Today Show's" efforts to raise awareness of men's health issues. Not to be outdone by NBC, especially during the all-important "November sweeps," Colbert last night announced his own prostate special, "The Stephen Colbert's November Sweeps Prostacular."

“It’s no accident Today played this groundbreaking stunt during the November sweep, because Today show knows what brings in the great ratings is men in their 50′s being finger puppeted,” Colbert explained. “I will not be sweeps-swept by the Today show.” 

Stephen then one-upped "Today" by announcing three very special guests all competing for the chance to examine his colon: John Lithgow, Katie Couric, and Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney from the Black Keys. 

"Stephen, a smooth prostate the size of a walnut, that's music to our ears, " quipped Auerbach. 

To help settle who would win a trip behind the green curtain, Colbert had each guest make their case for having the best finger for the job. 

"Stephen, as you might recall, I made TV history when I had my on-air colonoscopy on the "Today" show back in 2000," Couric said. "My experience and commitment are unparalleled. Plus I just got a manicure - which combines the words 'man' and 'cure.'"

Colbert did eventually decide who would win the coveted white glove - and settled in for the exam. Without spoiling anything, check out the video below for the surprising results. 

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Guess who performed Stephen Colbert's on-air prostate exam?
Comedian spoofs "The Today Show's" recent on-air prostate exam with a 'November Sweeps Prostacular' of his own.