When asked whether or not hookah smoking is hazardous to your health, the majority of young adults in a recent survey said 'no,' a pretty strong indication that they may not fully understand the actual risks involved.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hookah smoking can be just as dangerous as cigarettes.  Yet they have somehow earned the reputation as being the safe alternative for smoking.

In a recent survey, researchers talked to patrons at three different hookah lounges in Southern California.  They asked patrons between the ages of 18 and 30 whether or not they thought hookah smoking was bad for their health and more than half said no.  When asked why, 47 percent responded that they believed that the smoke gets filtered through the water. More than one-third said that the fruit used to flavor the tobacco detoxified the harmful chemicals, and 16 percent said the tobacco used in hookahs doesn't contain nicotine and isn't addictive.

Sadly, these myths couldn't be further from the truth.  And their persistence means that the young adults that have now turned to hookah lounges as a trendy place for socializing - may not fully understand the risks.  The study, which was published in this month's issue of Nursing Research, suggests that more campaigns are needed - particularly on college campuses- to inform young adults about the real hazards involved with hookah. 

Hookahs and harm: Study finds young adults underestimate the risk
With hookah smoking increasing in popularity, more work needs to be done to inform teens and young adults about the risks.