What could Formula One racing possibly have to do with children's health?

You'll find out in this awesome TED talk by Peter van Manen, the managing director of McLaren Electronics. I had no idea about the amount data collected during a Formula One race. We're talking hundreds of millions of "data points" every hour. Apparently all of this data allows the driver's team to keep precise tabs on the car and offer split-second advice on turn speed and more than 500 other parameters.

And van Manen and his team decided that if they can use use all of this detailed info to win a car race, maybe they could use it in other facilities — like say a children's hospital. They have applied their systems to ICU units at Birmingham Children's Hospital with real-time analysis that allows them to proactively prevent cardiac arrests. Since they began using their systems, the ICU unit has seen a 25 percent decrease in life-threatening events. And according to van Manen, this is just the beginning.  

Check it out:

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How can Formula One racing help babies?
Imagine if you could take the rigorous data collection system of a Formula One race and use it where it really counted, like in a children's hospital.