Skin problems, even for dermatologists who have spent years studying and training how to treat them, are often a mystery. Eczema, psoriasis, rashes: Sometimes they can be simply solved, but oftentimes they're a total mystery. Equally mystifying is the best way to treat them.

Bot only can they be unsightly, but they can be pretty darn uncomfortable. (Having suffered from some insane foot warts I picked up in Spain, and a bout of eczema on my face, I know! I cured the foot warts by firing up my immune system with herbs and finally got rid of the eczema with a combination of probiotics, coconut oil, and home-remedies.)

Whether it's because you've tried conventional Western medicine and it hasn't worked (my experience is that my issues were made worse), because you don't have health insurance, or because you want to try a natural remedy before hitting the hard stuff, the suggestions below are some that have worked for some people. Oh, here's another example: I got rid of my adult-onset cystic acne by cutting out dairy except for aged cheeses from my diet — it took about 10 days to see results but I literally haven't had a flare-up in a year now — so there's another one to try.

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How grandma and grandpa treated skin issues
Before there were dermatologists, people cured (or tried to) with natural remedies, using ingredients they could find around their homes.