You voted for them — or voted against them only to see them get elected anyway. Either way, since they took office, your members of Congress have been voting for or against the environment in Washington D.C.

Now, your members of Congress are getting graded on their eco votes by the League of Conservation Voters. Yesterday, the LCV released its 2009 National Environmental Scorecard, revealing scores in the first session of the 111th Congress.

How were the senators and House members graded? The League looked at 11 Senate and 13 House votes on environmental issues like clean energy, climate change, and water and wildlife conservation. When your elected official voted on the side of the environment, their scores went up. When they didn’t, scores dropped.

I feel pretty lucky: Both my California senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and my Congressman, Henry Waxman, earned perfect 100 percent scores in 2009. Many members of Congress, however, scored a lot lower — with quite a few, including nine Californian members of the House — scoring a 0 percent.

Find out how your members of Congress scored by checking the Scorecard.

How green is your senator?
See how your members of Congress scored on the 2009 National Environmental Scorecard.