The adoration (and continued amazement) over Helen Mirren's age-defying looks have hit a new high: the 66-year-old just scored "Body of the Year" in a poll conducted by international gym chain L.A. Fitness. 

With more than 2,000 votes, Mirren easily won with 17.6 percent of the vote, followed by Elle Macpherson (10.6 percent), Kelly Brook (8.35 percent) and Jennifer Lopez (6.6 percent). Pippa Middleton, whose derriere caused a stir during the royal wedding, came in at number 8 with 4 percent. 

“Helen ­Mirren’s victory in our best body poll illustrates how, when it comes to body maintenance and well being, age really is nothing but a number,” said Tony Orme, marketing director of L.A. Fitness, in a statement.

So just how is the Oscar winner rocking a healthy, fit body when the rest of us half her age are struggling to get similar results? Certainly, genetics play a role, but Mirren has also revealed that she keeps it simple. "I've never done anything to excess. I've never drunk or eaten too much. It helps to stay balanced," she told People magazine in 2008. 

"I go through phases of exercising, if I start getting puffy when I go upstairs, I’ll force myself back into minimalist exercise," she said. "I’m a great believer in the Canadian Air Force exercises because they only take 15 minutes…I’ve gone through many diets that are also very boring. You stop eating, and that’s what makes you lose weight: not eating. But as you get older, losing weight doesn’t make your body look better, don’t you think?"

She also has another weapon — Nintendo's Wii Fit. 

"The Wii is fun, and it's infinitely varied. You can hula, jog, yoga, step, all in one session. You need never get bored as every day you can tailor a new workout. It challenges you, and you do it at home, so nobody need see you in those old yoga pants and torn T-shirt. It's my new best friend," Mirren told the Daily Mail.

You can catch Helen Mirren and her body of the year in the upcoming film "The Door."

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How Helen Mirren earned her 'Best Body'
66-year-old actress awarded 'Body of the Year' in L.A. Fitness poll, beating out Pippa Middleton and Jennifer Lopez.