Get out of the car to prevent obesity! Wired’s Autopia blog reports on a new study that shows obesity rates are markedly lower in countries where people walk, bike, or use mass transit.

As you might have guessed, Americans don’t fare too well in this study: “Overall, the study found, Europeans walk three times as far and cycle five times as far as Americans” — which helps explain why as many as one in three Americans are obese.

In fact, Lloyd Alter at Treehugger’s put together a list of seven things that make you fat — and more than half of the items on this list are directly related to driving instead of opting for more sustainable transit issues.

Suburb dwellers, for example, are more likely to be fat than city dwellers because suburbanites don’t have walkable neighborhoods or easy access to public transportation. Relatedly, the McMansions that tend to spring up in the suburbs, and the cheap gas that makes suburban car-centric living possible, are both cited as fattening lifestyle factors.

Since the new year’s right around the corner, make a de-car-ing resolution that’ll be good for your waistline, your health, and the environment! Just step out of your private vehicle to kill three birds with one stone –

Photo: Jeremy Brooks

How not to get fat: De-car in the city
Walk, bike, or take mass transit to stay slimmer while lowering your carbon footprint.