Still too scared to get on a bike in the city? Try taking a bicycle street-skills class, taught by League of American Bicyclists certified instructors across the country, to boost your confidence.

The League of American Bicyclists offers a number of courses, from Road I, a quick crash course on vehicular cycling, to commuting, a short class to specifically help those who’d like to bike to work. Kids can take their own classes, too!

Why take a class? You’ll get added confidence to ride safely and legally in traffic. Plus, you’ll pick up some handy tips — like performing bike safety checks or fixing a flat — to make your biking lifestyle more self-sufficient. I took a basic street-skills class a while back and feel much safer because I’m a much more defensive bicyclist. I know what to watch out for and how to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

You could make some new two-wheeling friends, too! Look for a class near you using the League’s handy search application. See you on the road!

Photo by SeraphimC

How to bike confidently and safely
A bicycle street-skills class can boost your confidence — and keep you safer on the road.