Happy World Oceans Day! Not sure what to do to celebrate this official United Nations holiday? We at MNN have got some ideas for you:

>> Go to a World Oceans Day event. Sierra Club’s blog The Green Life notes lots of ocean-themed activities are happening around the world. Check your nearest aquariums, museums, libraries, stores, and community centers to see what’s happening close to you: “Some event planners got really creative: in La Jolla, California, you can grab your paddleboard and enjoy story time in a “floating reading room” right on the Pacific, an event sponsored by Surf Diva.”

>> Willing to get out there — but can’t leave the office today? Fellow MNN blogger Karl Burkart’s put together a list of top 10 anti-BP protests — which includes a couple upcoming events you should put on your calendar. World BP Protest Day happens June 12; Hands Across the Sand happens June 28.

>> More of a homebody? Jaymi Heimbuch at Planet Green’s put together a list of 7 ocean-friendly actions you can take without leaving home.

>> Finally writing that anti-oil letter to your elected officials today? Sarah van Gelder’s put together a shortlist of ocean and environment-friendly actions you should be demanding from the government.

>> And for an inspiring fun read: David de Rothschild muses about World Oceans Day while sailing across the ocean on The Plastiki:

I feel that living on the ocean has changed my view of this planet and has really opened up my eyes to the fact that our oceans are so fragile, so unique, so beautiful, and so important….

It still amazes me that our oceans are so unexplored, unchartered and unmapped. We know more about outer space than our oceans.

What are you doing to celebrate World Oceans Day?
How to celebrate World Oceans Day
Enjoy this official UN holiday while helping to clean up and protect our oceans through activism.