Back to school means back to germville for most kids. It hardly seems to take a week back in the classroom before the whole class is sniffling, sneezing, coughing ... or worse. Keep all those germs at bay with these healthy school-day reminders. 

Wash, wash, wash those hands. The best — and I mean best — way to stay healthy is to keep those hands clean. Before eating, after going to the bathroom, after school, and even in-between sneezes.  

Wash some more. Seriously. It's so important that it warrants two mentions on this list.

Use your elbow. Sneezing and coughing into your elbow keeps germs off your hands and out of circulation.  

Toss those tissues. I'm all for reusing, but not when it comes to tissues. These should be one-time-use only to avoid re-handling a germy Kleenex.

Stop sharing! From the time they're born, we teach kids to share their stuff. But sometimes sharing isn't always the best policy — especially when sharing that water bottle means they are also sharing germs.

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