I have a running joke with my husband that if and when I get to a point in life where I am alive only via the assistance pumps and wires and machines, he should take me back behind the barn and "put me out of my misery."  Death is a funny thing to try to talk about with the ones you love.  It's just too darned scary to fit into a normal conversation.

But Judy MacDonald Johnston - a children's book publisher by day and end-of-life planner by night - argues that talking about our last days will make them less scary when they do eventually come.  According to MacDonald Johnston the better prepared we are for the end of life, the more likely we will be to live a quality life right up to the end.  In this thought-provoking TED talk, MacDonald Johnston shares her five best tips for planning for a good end of life.

Have you had this talk with your parents or grandparents yet?  Have you thought about these steps for your own end of life?  

How to prepare for the end of your life [Video]
Judy MacDonald Johnston explains why preparing for our last days will ensure a better quality of life right up until the end.