Since his public reveal last October of a Type II diabetes diagnosis, Tom Hanks has been making some lifestyle changes to better manage the disease. At the movie premiere for the food-focused documentary "Fed Up," Hanks wife Rita Wilson shared the practical changes that have made the biggest impact. 

“We’ve really cut back a lot on sugar, and we find time in every day to exercise,” she told People. “We actually walk and hike together. We’re not going to be doing duo, tantric yoga, or whatever.”

Back in 2012, Hanks credited a random encounter with a slimmer Alec Baldwin for inspiring him to start reducing the amount of sugar he was consuming.  "I ran into Alec Baldwin, who looks fabulous, and said, 'Dude, your health is so fantastic.' And he said 'Yeah. White sugar. I'm staying away from white sugar as much as I can'"

Wilson, 57, said the reward of simply feeling good is enough to counter any of the junk food she used to consume. 

“When [you] were younger, you used to watch what you eat and exercise because you wanted to look really awesome,” she said. “And now it’s because you want to feel really awesome.

"When you start feeling so much better and the weight starts coming off and your energy is so much more vital,” she added. “You don’t miss the things that you thought you really needed, because you feel so much better.”

As for "Fed Up," which MNN's Robin Shreeves called a "must-see documentary" in her review, Wilson believes the film will be huge in generating awareness on childhood obesity. 

“We do have an obesity crisis in our country, and I think [Fed Up is] going to be a very powerful film in terms of creating awareness to that fact, just being aware of what you eat and what you put into your body,” she said. “This is where it all begins. It’s always about awareness—at the end of the day, or at the beginning of the day, you have to be aware of what’s happening in order to make any changes.”

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How Tom Hanks is managing his diabetes
Actor's wife cites exercise and cutting sugar as two key factors in their new healthy lifestyle.