How good are you at relaxing? In the modern digital age, it's harder than it sounds to completely tune out the world and tune in to your own mind. It's so hard, in fact, that organizers in Seoul, South Korea, have decided to make a competition out of it, and hundreds are flocking to prove they are the very best at doing absolutely nothing.

Last Sunday, 60 competitors — who were chosen from a pool of more than 1,500 applicants — pinned on race numbers and stretched out on blue blankets in a public park in Seoul. They weren't there to run, lift weights or dance. They were there to turn off their brains, and they planned to do it like champs.

The competition, officially called Relax Your Brain, asked participants to sit still for 90 minutes without checking their watches or smartphones, without sleeping or eating, and without moving in any way, (I'm guessing blinking was allowed.) The winner was the person with the most stable heartbeat throughout. Check it out:

South Korea has the largest percentage of smartphone owners worldwide. So it's no wonder that they are the most likely to want — and need — encouragement to tune out from their gadgets and let their brains chill out.

The winner of the Relax your Brain contest was local rapper Shin Hyo-Seob (aka Crush) who told organizers that he was using the time to reboot after recently recording an album.

Think you have what it takes to win at relaxing? Fortunately, this is one contest that you don't even need to enter to win. Just sit back, tune out and relax.

How to win at relaxing
Chill-out competition asked participants to tune out from their gadgets and tune in to their minds.