3969610356 ba92c0a2a2 m LA Mag The Edible GardenWant to get in on the edible front and backyard trend? If you're tired of paying to water your lawn -- AND of paying premium prices for organic produce at Whole Foods, the latest issue of Los Angeles magazine might give you the push you need to put your land into better use while saving some money!

The cover story for Los Angeles magazine’s October issue is “Homegrown” — and the feature’s full of inspiring front-yard-as-edible-garden stories, pretty veggie photographs, and practical local tips, for those who live in the L.A. area. Got a bee problem? Call Kirk’s Urban Bees, which provides a natural bee removal service and sells local honey honey to boot. Overabundant harvest too much for you to deal with? Call Ysane Spevack of Pick and Preserve, who’ll come over to not only harvest your bounty but also turn into preserves what you can’t eat immediately.

Features have the lowdown on livestock laws in L.A.-area cities (many ban roosters), eight great local plant nurseries, and a profile of The Dervaes Family, homesteaders in Pasadena, Calif., who not only grow all their own food but also have chickens, ducks -- and cute pet goats!

I can’t decide between the Rex or the Holland Lop, but the cute photos of these bunnies in the latest issue of Los Angeles magazine almost makes me want to raise urban livestock on my little apartment balcony! Unfortunately, that practice is likely illegal -- I just don't have enough space. But if you do have a little land to call your own and don't yet get any food out of it, pick up the issue -- or browse it online -- for edible gardening inspiration and starter tips!

Image courtesy of lamag.com

Inspiration for your own edible front yard
Get inspiration, tips, and advice to turn your own front or back yard into an edible garden -- or even a livestock playground!