I'm a big fan of A.J. Jacobs. His books on reading the (entire) encyclopedia and living biblically show that he's willing to walk the walk when it comes to research. And from what I'm hearing, his latest book-in-progress will be no exception.  

Tentatively titled "The Healthiest Human Being in the World," the book follows Jacobs, who will “visit the world’s healthiest communities, exercise with a passion, analyze his DNA and revolutionize his diet” in a quest to attain the healthiest human title.

This video of Jacobs describing his endeavors is certainly worth watching. I'm already looking forward to reading this book when it comes out — with a cup of tea and a bag of snacks by my side!

Is A.J. Jacobs the healthiest human being in the world?
Nonfiction writer A.J. Jacobs dives into health and fitness in his new book, 'The Healthiest Human Being in the World.'