Is Howard Stern going to surprise us in 2011 with a full-on vegan diet?

The 56-year-old is certainly no stranger to the plant-based scene -- his radio co-host Robin Quivers has been chatting up the benefits for years now; having lost 80lbs after making the switch.

“My life totally changed, and now I have this amazing amount of energy,” Quivers told PEOPLE earlier last month. “Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do.”

On Stern's December 14th show, employee Richard Christy chatted up his childhood life on a farm; including a story about his father killing a doe. “I could never shoot a deer,” said Stern. “He kills his own food. I admire that, I need someone else to do that for me.”

The conversation continued and Richard shared a childhood story about raising a calf that he named, appropriately, "Calfy". In order to have meat for the winter, Richard’s parents had the animal killed and he was devastated.

“I don’t wanna know my food,” said Stern. “I need to get involved eventually in this vegan sh**, like Robin, cause this is killing me.”

It's no surprise that Stern is an animal-lover; especially considering that his wife Beth Ostrosky Stern is a dedicated and passionate animal welfare activist. In 2008, the couple requested that in lieu of wedding presents, donations instead be made to the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons.

So, stay tuned. Like Tyson in 2010, Howard Stern could become the next famous face to drop the animal products and embrace a more compassionate diet.

Check out for the full transcript from the December 14th show.

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Is Howard Stern leaning towards going vegan?
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