Jamie Oliver, fresh from an Emmy win for his "Food Revolution" healthy eating reality series, has revealed that he's getting ready to launch a vegetarian/vegan cookbook.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the 35-year-old UK chef says that the time is right for a book catered specifically to those who embrace the veggie lifestyle -- especially with their being more people behind the diet than ever before.

“Often I get cornered out by vegetarians who are going to knock me out with a cucumber," said Oliver. "I’m like “dude, look in the back of the book. Open up the index and there’s all these little v’s.” And they’ll go “Oh, right, but we want out own book.” For many years I just felt like, “C’mon, stop being so sensitive.” But actually this year we’re going to bundle all of my vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes into one big massive, mammoth book and give ‘em that book. Because it’s right. You know, in the old days there wasn’t so many vegetarians and now there’s many."

"Vegetarian as a general concept is a brilliant thing," Oliver added. "We’ve got to stop eating so much meat. We are eating too much meat.”

Oliver, who says that his cookbooks have always been almost 60% vegetarian, plans on collecting his best recipes for vegan and vegetarians and releasing them sometime soon.

Check out the video interview with Jamie below. Are you psyched for this new book? 

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Jamie Oliver launching vegetarian cookbook
Celebrity chef says we need to stop eating so much meat.